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The Story Behind d'Pietra Gallery

This technology removes all speculation from purchasing natural or engineered stone. Our 3D technology renders your complete project in real time. You decide where the veins and movement line up in your counter and/or vanity. Your kitchen counter-top(s), bath vanity(s), or shower surrounding(s) drawings gets put into the digitalstone™ program. In addition to this, we use other technology where you may experience your whole project environment in 3D before purchase or execution. That means, floor to ceiling, not just the counter(s) and/or vanity(s). This may be a Kitchen & Bath, or any other living space of your home. To enhance this shopping experience, he envisioned a place where you could browse physically/digitally (at the same time) Stones, Backsplashes, Cabinet style(s), Lighting, Faucets, Sinks, Flooring (Natural Stone Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Mosaics, Hardwood, etc…)  and other home fixtures before you purchase, or even the cut is made. The result is getting to see the finished product/environment virtually, allowing you to feel confident in making the decision.


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 William T. Dos Reis, a Brazilian immigrant that arrived to the US in 2000 with a mission to help establish a company of import and distribution of natural stone slabs. Because of his connections and relatives in the granite quarry business in Brazil, which holds 75% of the world’s granite, he could offer advantages such as lower pricing and select variation that his competitors could not match. Due to the downturn of the Housing industry in 2007, his wholesale business got hit hard. During the process of reinventing his business, in 2009, he discovered an innovative process that would revolutionize the stone business in the retail sector. Ever since then, he is striving to guide our customers to reach the project of their dreams! Using this unique and innovative technology that he has branded digitalstone™. Stones like granite, marble, quartzite, and much more, are now all available to pick from our diverse, exquisite, unique and rich inventory digitally. | d’Pietra gallery studio | Lodi, CA 95242 United States